BJP Practices Made in China And Preaches Ban China

The right wing leaders specially those who are from the background of RSS has often been found shrieking at the loudest to ban the use of chinese goods by the Indians. As usuals the claims of the party seems to be just another lie and hypocrisy. One of the well known leaders of Congress Shakti Singh Gohil has posted copies of invoices of a company named Sharpline which is responsible for managing the advertising material of BJP in the upcoming Gujarat assembly polls. These invoices clearly indicate payment of Rs. 94 lakh as custom duty paid for goods imported from China. So if you are in Gujarat and see the stickers and hoardings of Amit Shah, Narendra Modi,  Mr. Roopani etc. and the banner most likely it would be made in China.

Although this is not the first case just one month back there was a news floated that the entry passes for the National Executive Meet in the last week of September were also made in China.  Both the information floated on twitter but there was not any official refutation by BJP on these accusations.  Definitely a serious jolt to make in India initiative . Another paradox from Narendra Modi and his team.

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