Rupees 100 Crore in the Bank Account of a Revenue Staff

There are umpteen number of such cases getting highlighted since the time of Notbandi which was announced in 8th of November 2016. People finding out some doubtful transactions in their account. Sudden swelling in the bank balance and withdrawal of huge amount of money .One such case was highlighted by the Media channel Aaj Tak , an employee of Revenue department Vishundev Prasad Yadav who draws salary of around Rs. 25000 was amazed to find that there was withdrawal of Rs. 50000 from his account which was not done by him. When he approached the bank , the manager told him that the transaction was the result of technical error and the money would be refunded.

The money was refunded indeed, but the bigger surprise was in waiting his bank balance was 99 crore 95 lakh 67 thousand rupees.  He approached the bank to complain about the mistake , the manager got his bank balance rectified. The most important question regarding this incident is how come banks are taking this incidents so lightly. There is another question regarding this , what kind of transactions might be happening in the account of people who got their account through various government schemes and really dont care about the transactions happening in their account.

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