Bihar DTO – Online Application For Driving License

2nd November, 2012  Patna :-          Driving License would not be so easy to get for the new learning drivers. Besides, driving, they will have to pass the test of 100 objective questions related to traffic rules. Department of Transportation ( DTO ), Bihar  has prepared  set of 100 questions. Questions are related to Parking Horn, Helmet, Stop, Pavement Crossings, Turning Point, Foot-over Bridge, Subway , Ralling, No parking, Seat Belts, etc.
Question would be available in both English and Hindi.Learning License would be issue only after passing this test.
Those who are interested they have to apply Online. After Online registration , the applicant will receive Registration number from District Transportation Department. Applicants would be informed by the office about the examination date and the venue for the test.
In the DTO office applicants need to stand before the computer and answer the questions. He or she would have to answer  20 to 25 questions related to Traffic Rule and Transportation Department. Each questions would be having four answers with correct answer. Questions would be like

  • On which side of the road one should Walk
  • While crossing the road which indicator should be used.
  • Where not to apply Horn
  • which are the Main roads of the town
  • What is the penalty for overloading

If the applicant is not able to answer these questions , he or she would not be eligible for the driving license.

Online facility for application submission for Driving license would start from next month. As a trail basis first it will start from Patna District. From next year onwards Online application facility would be for other districts as well.After the online arrangements applicants will not have to visit the DTO time and again for enquiry and they would can apply for license sitting at their home.

For latest updates visit the official website of Bihar DTO – ( Transport Department Website )

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  1. RITESH KUMAR says:

    When will it deside that which applicant would have to give post matric scholarship plz rply me on email

  2. Anand Kumar says:

    I want to Driving License.

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