Bihar Teacher Promotion Rule 2013 – Officer, RDDE, DEO, Director

27th December, 2012 :      Supreme Court of India has revoked the order of Patna High Court , which has prevented the publication of Common Seniority List of Teachers and Officers of Bihar Education Services. Now, as per the order of 1st January, 1977, Teachers of Sub Education Services ( Avar Shiksha Seva) would be merged with Bihar Education Services.

The common list of seniority of teachers and officers was published on 7th July 2006, but it was revoked after the order ofSupreme Court of India - Bihar Teacher Patna High Court on 19th November, 2007.

Recently on 23rd November, 2012 , Supreme Court reinstated the order of 7th July, 2006 and also expressed displeasure on the interference of the High Court. The Supreme Court has stated that HC should not have done that and the state Government should be consistent in its stand.

This decision will benefit 1289 Male Teachers and 1176 Female Teachers. If they will enter into Bihar Education Services , they would be able to become RDDE , DEO or Director.

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  1. shashi sinha says:

    Can we get a copy of this order of Supreme court and the subsequent notification issued by Govt of Bihar? Or how or from where can we get it, please?

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