BSEB Intermediate Examination 2014 – OMR Answersheet

Bihar School Examination Board ( Higher Secondary ) , Patna has made an important announcement for Intermediate examination 2014. BSEB has notified to all the students / Principals / parents / Guardians and all concerned persons that following the CBSE current pattern of examination , BSEB has decided to stop the OMR based examination.
All the students who would appear in 2014, for Intermediate Examination  in Science and Commerce will not be given questions based on OMR pattern for the  following subjects  :BSEB - OMR Answersheet

  • Physics – 28 Marks
  • Chemistry – 28 Marks
  • Biology – 28 Marks
  • Mathematics – 40 Marks
  • Business Studies – 40 Marks
  • Accountancy – 40 Marks
  • Economics – 40 Marks
  • Entrepreneurship – 28 Marks

There would be theortical examination in  one answersheet for above mentioned subjects. There would be short-answer type questions . There would be no distribution of OMR Answersheet.

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  1. satyam Sharma says:

    Please tell me when will distribute bc&ebc scholarship?

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