Haj 2012 – Only Green and Azizia Category

White Category in Haj Pilgrimage is over from year 2012 by the Government of Saudi Arabia. It has increased the areas for Green Category by 300 meter. Now this category would be till 1500 m from Haram Sharif. There is not any change in Azizia Category.

Now there is only two option for Haj Pilgrims to select for Haj-2012.This provision is beneficial for Haj Pilgrims. Last year there were many complains that after taking the amount of Green Category , Pilgrims were accommodated in white category.

Two Categories are following:

 Green Category - The area for this category is increased by 300m. It is from Haram Sharif 1 to 1500 meter. The amount for this category is  not declared by Haj committee.

Azizia Category – There is not any influence on the distance from Haram Sharif. The distance would be 6 to 7 km. The amount for this category is also not announced.

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