Shobham Sarkar’s New Dream of Treasure in Fatehpur Fort

Indian is waiting to see the end result of treasure hunt going in Raja Rao Ram Bux Fatehpur Aadam Fort UP Treasure Hunt 1fort in Unnao district in Uttar Pradesh. There is another news that Shobhan Sarkar also dreamt about a treasure in Fathehpur’s Aadam Fort. Late night few  armed people entered into the fort for the treasure hunt . They captured the pandit of Shiv Temple situated in the Fort.

This Fort is  in dilapidated state. According to Shobhan Sarkar, here there is about 2500 Ton Gold in Fatehpur fort. He also said that it does not require to dig  deep to unearth the treasure. People who tried to find out the treasure here in the fort arrived after knowing about the  Dream.

According to locals there are some clue of “Sankh” given here on the wall of the fort , which would indicate the way for the treasure.

Fatehpur Aadam Fort UP Treasure HuntIt has been two days, but there is not any exact statement  to the fact about the treasure in Unnao. Amidst these hullabaloos, the second treasure hunt news is quite interesting.

Shobhan Sarkar is not happy and has  already  left his ashram due to the method of  treasure hunt is going on in Unnao. He asked the government to engage military to come and dig the place in 8 hrs and take the treasure through plane.

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