Sophia Hayat Singer Actor – Entry in Bigg Boss 7

Big Boss 7 today would have three new house mates. One is Sophia Hayat, who in September 2013 was declared a new entry into FHM sexiest women in the world. She was ranked above Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Sofia Vergara. Sophia is a British actor and a singer.

Her name was first  highlighted, when she hosted her own TV show on Satellite Channel, Zee TV, for three years starting in 2000. Her show was quite popular among young British Asians. Sofia is not just a beauty icon , she is master in her field. She is BA (Hons) in Music and Performing Arts. She has also studied acting for seven years in total.Sophia Hayat Big Boss 7

Big Boss would be a great place to know her more, especially for her fans. Besides , it would be interesting for other viewers too , who hardly know her. Big Boss has also become the platform to reintroduce the celebrity to the completely new viewers. The interesting and twisting part would be , how she mingles with the other housemates of the house.

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