Voter List of Bihar 2012 – Application Form

The name addition prepration of voter list will start from 1st October 2012. This process will add the names of all the new eligible  voters who will become adult by the cut off date of 1st January 2013.
Besides that the rectification process and issuing of photo voter id cards would also be done by the state election commission. Voters can get their new id card or get the rectifications or corrections done through the following forms:

  • Form 6- For registering the name in the voter list.
  • Form 6 A- For registering the name as Non Residential Indian.
  • Form 7- For getting the name removed from the voter list.
  • Form 8- For the correction of name, address or age in the voter id card.
  • Form 8 A- For those voters who have shifted to a new location in the same constituency of the legislative assembly.

The forms must be submitted at the following offices:

  • BLO
  • BDO/ CO
  • SDO
  • District Election Office.

The final draft of the new voter list will be completed by 5th January 2013

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